the mendez STORY


The Café is just the front

Behind Café Mendez is more than meets the eye.

Mr Mendez - the "secret" Cocktail bar, is the ultimate retreat for an after-work cocktail, a fun evening with friends and family or even a private party.  

The secret password... you might have already guessed... "Mr Mendez"

When making your next reservation, just mention the secret password and we will take care of the rest!  


 mixology    courses   

Have you ever wondered how we make our cocktails taste and look so amazing? 

It is an art form which you can now learn, directly here in Mendez, from some of the leading mixologists in Vienna!

Book your Mixology course now and show off your new skills set, wherever the next party might take you! 

Street Food and more

There is a new Chef in town and he will serve you the most amazing Street Food in Vienna! 


On top of that we value our

ZERO WASTE POLICY and SUSTAINABLE SERVICE to make sure nothing gets thrown away. 

This is why we now offer a new sustainable Menu at Mendez. For more information, contact us at:

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